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    Wip The Stormwatch -- 4E WIP

    As promised... I have joined the band wagon and started my own Point of Light 'campaign' ... this actually serves two purposes... My youngest (15) has had a fantasy world developed for a number of years now, Dinraven, which he writes short stories in and eventually plans to play D&D in ... I said.. why not, lets use your world to learn 4e and at the same time ... flesh it out and put some meat on it... so, now you are up to date.

    This is a regional area we've named "The Stormwatch" a large tower atop the flat/tablelands looks over the region for miles... even seeing the mountains hundreds of miles away (Mountains are known as the Eversight) though you can see storms for miles.. it was called Stormwatch because it was a line of defense in the old kingdoms to warn of dangerous activities of orc armies, dragons, giants and troll kings....

    I plan to use a small village (estimate 220-240 pop.) named Wolfdell, I believe you may be able to see its location on the map. A map of that village should be up in the town/city section shortly... Instead of hand drawing these ... i'm going to attempt to do these in either illustrator or PS ... I might go with Illustrator... just cause I like the program so much and I haven't had a chance to do a regional map with it.

    Any glaring problems with the map?? RobA should note that the rivers all flow INTO the mountains... Everyone else should note they flow in the opposite direction of that...

    Most of the top half of the map are rugged hills and foothills before it climbs into the Eversight Mountain chain. Wild lands fraught with danger and adventure....
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