Awhile back I started mapping out the "Master of Desert Nomads" Module (X4) with side-tracked along the way...and have now decided to come back to least for now...You can see the other 2 maps i've done for it here and here.

The final sequence in the module involves an Abbey that has been quietly taken over by "Bhuts" posing as monks. Its a large complex with lots of areas to explore and lots of fun there is a catacombs.

Because the area of the Abbey is way to large to print out as one battle map (400' x 300'), I figured that I would create one map file with 3 different views. One view will be the whole Abbey complex that can be printed out on letter-sized paper. The other two views will have the roof hidden and just show floor plans of the buildings (some have 2 floors). For these, I will zoom in and print out the parts I need in battle-grid scale.

So, here is my progress thus far on the first view. Super special thanks to Joachim for pointing out that CC3 has a roof building function (ProFantasy Community Forum - Making a Roof?). I'll post a higher res version once I get a little further along.

I welcome any and all comments, criticisms, and suggestions...particularly for the roofs in the NW...there are some odd shaped buildings and I'm having a hard time figuring out where the ridge lines should be...*Note, the labeling is largely just a place holder at this point...still need to pretty it up later on.

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and here's the blacksmith's shed (small square building below the well)...not entirely happy with how the arch entrance turned out, but I suppose it will do until I can figure out a better way to do it. All symbols and textures were snagged/modified from stuff found on the Dunjinni Forums and

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