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    Post Greetings and salutations

    Well now that I've properly geeked out in another thread about using plate tectonics to start a world map, I thought perhaps a formal introduction is in order. :-)

    I have never once considered myself as much of a map maker. In fact, all of my efforts up until about 2 days ago were just hand drawn, badly scaled world maps for D&D campaigns.

    For going on 10 years now, I've been working on a story that I aspire to one day turn into a series of novels, and for 10 years, I've had the same dingy old world map that I drew on a piece of graph paper in high school. Well, between moves, I seem to have lost that map and I needed to start over.

    However I am now much more of a scientist than I was 10 years ago, and my mindset is now to base as much of my fantasy world as I can on real, scientific fact. For example, my new world map project is based on plate tectonics, and one of my hominid races is based on a "what-if" evolution of an extinct hominid from 1.5 million years ago called paranthropus boisei. My magic system is even loosely based on computer science.

    But enough of that. Two days ago I started trying to come up with a way I could draw my map on my computer. You see, when it comes to image editing, I really just know the basics.

    This morning I was searching google for ways of turning my new world map sketch into a more detailed terrain map. Since I'm a Linux user, GIMP is the most accessible image software at my disposal, so I searched for "GIMP map drawing" and lo and behold, I am linked to the outstanding guide written by RobA. I immediately registered and have really enjoyed the reading. I've learned a lot already and it hasn't even been 24 hours.

    So anyway, this seems like a great place. I think I'll stick around. And who knows? There might be a cartographer in me just waiting to be unleashed. :-)

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    Welcome to the Guild! Uh... I know I registered pretty much at the same time as you but best start practicing.

    In fact I'm happy to find a like-minded person here so soon,* i. e., placing some effort in using scientific knowledge as a basis for one's work. So here's to lots of geeking out over geology, biology and astronomy

    * I'm new here so I don't know of anyone else who is. Do come forward if you are!
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    Welcome dhalsimrocks! Now, lets some some maps! Free free to post Works in progress, no matter how far along you are.

    My Finished Maps
    Works in Progress(or abandoned tests)
    My Tutorials:
    Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP
    How to create ISO Mountains in GIMP/PS using the Smudge tool
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    Hia dhalsimrocks!

    Glad you found us. Hope you stay! There have been a few discussions about geomorphology in the forums (I'm an engineer by professions so tend to geek out a bit in the area of realistic plausibility).

    -Rob A>

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    I'm totally with you on the scientific basis for life forms, continents, etc. My monsters are rarely such fantastical creatures unless there is some sort of way I can make them evolve up from something simpler like, oh, I dunno, dog-people come from dogs or something. Same with the land, I don't put things in randomly, I think about how it might have evolved. Anyways, welcome from a fellow guild newbie.

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    Welcome aboard! Welcome aboard!
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