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Thread: Uh.. Hullo, who's this?

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    Default Uh.. Hullo, who's this?


    Now, I'm not very good at these but here goes.

    I'm a roleplayer come over from NationStates, a text-based political simulator which developed a rather large roleplaying group. One of my friends challenged me to (finally) create a map for my nation... and in a stupidly huge scale (1px = 1km ). Through my googling this site came up in pretty much every search I did, so I thought I would drop in and see what it's all about.

    So.. I'll probably be lurking around, asking a few questions and I might help out in that worldbuilding project you have going, if you need anyone to create history etc. I work in mostly Modern Tech, however I can swing up to future or down to past with a bit of thought.

    Cheers, Oscar.

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    Welcome to the Guild Oscar! Yup, this is the right place to acquire the skills you are looking for. Don't be shy; post up any WIPs you are working on and ask for feedback. Receiving C&C is a good way to refine your skills.


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