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    Wip My worlds

    This is a work in progress just to start things off for me and so you can see what's my mapping philosophy. It was done in Photoshop with my wacom tablet and supposedly is a fantasy setting in the broadest sense of the term (the one that includes science fiction). Enough for that part of worldbuilding though...

    I like sketching in a comfortable resolution and to get things straight right away so my world maps are always 360:180 (2:1) in proportions and start small. I can always enlarge the canvas and blow up the map sketch to work some detail in later. Besides working out the climates with more confidence using the maximum "angular area" a map can have allows me to wrap it onto a sphere and check for topological mishaps around the poles and which is where Celestia comes in handily.

    The legend for the map is as follows:
    Black - continental blocks
    Blue - subduction trenches
    Magenta - collision zones
    Red - rifts
    Green - transform faults

    I'll probably try in the near future to fashion an animation pertaining to a few Wilson Cycles. It will take a good amount of self control not to start niggling about the topology. If I do I'll never get it finished

    Anyway the plan is to get the "plate model" to a state satisfactory enough that I can worry about selecting a timeslice and detailing it further.
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