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    Map An-Talahm, a Dieselfantasy World

    This is not my first map, but it's the one I'm most proud of.

    I did this map using the Ascension style tutorial

    An-Talahm is not overly original, I admit it. It's just a "theme park" fantasy world, in Dieselpunk style: you can find your British Empire look-alike, or France with its fairy-like people, Turkish Jinns, an overly Randian U.S.A. and so on.

    Positivism, science and progress are all that matters in these days. Magic is important too, and allows people to build wondrous machines. An-Talahm has an anomalous magnetic field, scientist learned to use this characteristic to build larger and even armoured blimps. In this world a blue sea fleet is not as important as a large aerial fleet of Airships, fighter planes and bombers.

    The players in this setting will play as members and agents of the Svartberg Foundation. Created by the scientist and philanthrope Alfred Svartberg 2 years after the end of the apocalyptic "Great War", the Foundation is something in between a more successful sister of the League of Nations and the Nobel Foundation. Everywhere there's a problem, there are Svartberg agents trying to solve it. They have access to the best equipment and resources avalaible, and often they will be supported by the host nation. Of course there are people (and sometimes nations) who are openly antagonistic, and that's where you get the villains.

    The world, as you may notice, is not entirely explored (by Umbran peoples to be honest), that is because An-Talahm is a lot more dangerous than our world. Dinosaurs still roam the southern continents, and strange sorceries protect native empires from the colonial armies. What would be the equivalent of the Amazonian Forest is "actively" resisting every attempt at exploitation.

    Yet the northern nations have built durable footholds in those countries and are pushing forward.

    There is evil to fight, man-made and supernatural, secrets to discover and adventures to live. But more importantly there are dark forces at work. Deep in the jungle of Djambala, ancient kingdoms fell to the "Enemy", corrupt men work day and night to destabilize Umbran countries, the Mazonas forest grows more restless every day.

    Dark Forces who were made more powerful by the senseless bloodshed of the Great War.

    Dark Forces that the Foundation was built in secret to fight.
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