Greetings everyone!

What to say in an introduction of myself?

Well, I'm a German student of history at university, I'm a passionate chess player in a club for more than 12 years now and I like reading fantasy novels. In May 2008 I thought I could do the same that the authors did: to create my own fantasy world. Not just as a blueprint for a novel, but as a real standalone piece of art and my power of imagination. (in my opinion, only such worlds - as middle earth or disk world are examples of that sort - make good worlds for fantasy novels). So I started up inventing my world by drawing an ugly map, which was version zero. Now, even while writing this post, I'm working at version 3.0.

As I wish to do my very best (which is though very limited), I registered here to find some tips and tricks and some feedback. I found the Guild some months ago and are keeping to admire the masterpieces of cartography shown at the gallery.

In my point of view I'm not really a mapper, I'm a world creater (and wannabe author). In the german web there's also a quite big community of world building people, where I'm also known as Eld. This nick refers to a character of my world which will play an important role in history at some point in the future, provided he get's away from the bottle and the thought of being a terrible father... but that's a different kind of story that I may tell sometime in the future... in a well selling novel, I hope.