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Thread: Seems like a good place to be :]

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    Default Seems like a good place to be :]

    Hello CG world. :]
    I am getting into conworlding/conlanging and realize I need a lot of help with both aspects. More so with conlanging because the scientific aspect of conworlding is pretty straightforward. But obviously this place is to help me address the former.
    Mostly I am interested in geography, climate, etc; the physical aspects of a planet, not outside of the planet such as stars and other planets. Just how a single planet can "run." :]

    I have some sketches in a notebook right now. I think a big problem is going to be accurately making the dimensions/distances. After that mess is sorted out I plan on scanning it onto the computer and making it pretty!

    I plan on asking a lot of questions if I can't find the answers in older posts. Already I have found a few helpful ones.
    Hope to see you around!

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    Welcome to the Guild Vitality! Not too familiar with conworlding or conlanging, so I'm not sure that I'll be any help to you in this project, but I have not doubt others here will be. So feel free to make any inquiries on these topics.


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    Thanks for the welcome, Arsheesh! I am sure I will get a lot of information out of this place.

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    Welcome aboard
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