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Thread: Unnamned Town [WIP]

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    Default Unnamned Town [WIP]

    Gonna need to add a compass rose and touch up some things- as well as coming up with a name.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Critique, ideas, etc... would be much appreciated.

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    It's a very interesting style so I assume there is a certain aesthetic you are going for.

    As for critique: The street layout is a little maze-like. Not that I mind. Is that intended though?

    What sticks out is there are no buildings indicated or at least it is not at all obvious that the none road sections are meant to be buildings. Also the the width of the roads suggests it is not a huge town so it's not like the buildings will be tiny.

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    Yeah, it was intended to give a very disorganized, maze-like feel to it. The bit about the buildings not being discernible is a bit of the problem, so I think I'll go back and redo them, actually.

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    Nice style ; it makes me think about fantasy settings, as if the city was floating in some immaterial element. Guess this is the feeling you wanted to highlight.

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