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    Wip Continent map for commission

    OK, my big mapping commission project. I am really limited to what I can post, until the maps are complete, however, I can show you this early stage of continent development. The client desires an understated color scheme and in my digital mapping style using Xara Xtreme 4.0.

    The client is limiting what I can show as WIPs and Finals, but he allowed me to show the following map at its start.

    Although he of course loved my hand-drawn maps, due to the volume of maps he requires, he thought it would be more cost effective to have them created digitally, since its lots faster for me this way.

    No mountains or rivers placed yet, just "Great Lakes" and "inland sea", the yellowish blob in the center is the region of "Great Plains", the brown to the northwest is "arid desert terrain", the raised areas are the wider bases where the major mountain ranges will go.

    This continent is roughly the width of North America, a bit less than the north south axis in scale. The planet is about 2/3rds the size of earth. The continent is located on this planet's southern hemisphere.

    The red line at the top of the map is the Equator, whereas the red line at the bottom of the map is the Antarctic Circle. Steamy and impenetrable jungle along the Equator (filled with dinosaurian creatures), and snowy tundra near the arctic circle.

    WIP so far...
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