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Westedge Kingdoms

As of yet this map does not have a story to go with it. There are three kingdoms represented here: Orid Maranth, Elethdon, and Errenmoore, with their respective capitols Moraw, Aydethhall, and Caythl. The climate of most of the region is temperate, with Orid Maranth becoming warmer and dryer. Remnants of more ancient lands include the various wells scattered throughout the kingdoms. These may hold water, but thus far no one has found a long enough rope to reach it.

Other interesting locations:

The Black Forest and the Enderfall are rarely visited and have nearly fallen into legend. The Falling Road Ruins are said to be from the same age as the wells.
The Four Sisters are four impossibly tall pillars that rise from the desert of Orid Maranth. To become a king, priest, general, or judge of that land, one must reach the top of the particular pillar.
Ere's Claws are three deep canyons that carve their way through western Elethdon. They are pleasant places to shelter flocks and herds, as the way down into them is easy and there is much water and flora on the canyon floors.
The Andaloth is the longest river in the three kingdoms, followed by the Raynmere and the Barrenrun. The Dancing River is considered the most beautiful with its many rapids and cascades, while the wide Ereman River is a favorite for boating parties.

This map was drawn by hand on a 9" x 15" pad with a mechanical pencil. It was then scanned and photoshop was used to add the color.