Subject line pretty much sums it up - Idea is to have a challenge where everyone is asked to create a symbol that can be plugged into maps (i.e. Statue, Furniture, Weapon racks, Tools, etc.) Obviously this doesn't fit the template of a "Mapping Challenge", but wondering if there is any interest in having a different kind of challenge each month for this kind of thing. (Hoping i'm not stepping on the toes of the moderators here)

I'm pretty sure they used to do something like this on Dunjinni all the time...but since it seems to be largely defunct, perhaps we could do it here.

I know many folks on here are against "stamping" because most people don't use their own art to "stamp" here's an opportunity for people to create their own. It also gives some of us an incentive to learn how to create our own (thinking of myself here) and get feedback from the community. Finally it provides a fresh pool of objects for others to use in their maps (instead of relying on Bogie's generosity)