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Thread: Floorplans of Famous TV Shows....

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    Link Floorplans of Famous TV Shows....

    And now for something cartographically different, here's a link to a site that is hosting images of fictional floorplans in major tv shows, both current and past: Detailed Floor Plan Drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes - My Modern Metropolis You'll find images of Penny, Leonard and Sheldon's apartments on Big Bang Theory, the first floor of the Simpson's house, and floorplans for I Love Lucy, Three's Company, Seinfeld, and many more. (Warning, some of the links from the page may be NSFW.)

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    i'd already seen the friends, seinfeld, BBT and frasier ones though the simpsons one is new to me nice stuff. i like how the i love lucy one is in B/W :p
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    hehe fun stuff, thanks for sharing
    regs tilt
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