So here's the bottom line.

I made this thread because I'm new. And i don't want to fail before I've even seriously begun working on it. So here comes a barrage of questions!

I've started sketching a world map on paper and soon I'm going to start working it on my computer.

Do I make different threads for all the continents or just one thread for the world and add continents one by one there?

Do I make one file or several per continents?(cities will be detailed pretty much so they will be separate but what about archipelagos and regions?

Should I make my own icon's for mountains, trees etc?

It's a fantasy world. In it's early stages (mythic age, where humans are young and they have recently stopped scratching their asses and started a couple of civilizations. I have huge ambition for this since i hope to one day be able to use it, I'm just guessing i should provide small bits of lore so i can get the best advice.)

Any advice/feedback will be greatly appreciated, respected and put to good use. So feel free to comment anything. Wow this feels like i made a introduction of to the project too...
-hope's nobody minds-

I also keep logging out of the forum automatically, any help?