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Thread: The most ridiculous ambition ever. Cain.

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    Default The most ridiculous ambition ever. Cain.


    I've been looking for a place where I can find opinions on maps.(possibly even opinions if they would work in fantasy worlds where magic is part of warfare etc.) and this seems like the perfect place.

    I've always been a gamer got my ps1 when I was 9, I was 14 but when my friend bought elder scrolls: oblivion when it hit the stores... Weeks of nonstop gaming living on noodles left a deep impression on me. But it wasn't till I rediscovered reading this christmas I even thought about mapping anything ever.

    So now to my discovering of mapping, I got this stupid idea from my friend that we wanted to one day make a game. But how? I had heard the elder scrolls series had a book(haven't read it yet but am going to) so I thought why not write a novel so we can have lore to a rpg?(since well most my favourite games are rpg's) Now it got tricky... how am I supposed to write a book? I finished school when I was 16! 2 different voc school educations ended because lack of interest, after that I ended up as a roadie.

    2years of idling.

    Now or never I decided. Google. Guides on writing books. All poo except few advice's. Wait, these advice's suggest me to... create interesting characters(not dull/plain),creating a lore and read the genre I want to jump into. Time to begin. With what...?>.<'

    Yesterday I got my material together and looked at it. Pathetic. So I decided...

    To find the most interesting/epic/influental characters, I need to write a story about them how they got to where they are. So that's when it hit me. To create a great story I need a great map. Google search:Mapping. The guild. Now I'm here. With little material, little knowledge of the genre but great passion instilled in me after reading first law book 1 and 2 and just starting malazan book of the fallen gardens of the moon. Amazing how I could get into reading so much even though I never cared about it before. Now I have a purpose. To finish this project. Lol.

    So now you know why I am here. The dumbest idea ever turned into a creative the best idea ever. I was lost and didn't know what I really wanted to do with my life. 2 options i had ... 1. the streets, but I ain't working with a risk 2. follow your dream no matter how rocky the road ahead looks like. Wish me luck? I need more than luck make this happen. xD You'll have to put up with me here until I win the lottery cause then I will buy a island and live without internet and never get the education needed to do this.

    Any support, advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated and will be remembered when I rule the world with bags of gold and 10 barrels of wine. Obvious lie should be obvious.

    Glad I got that out of the system, I'll be back when I got something concrete and know what WIP means. I'm guessing WIP is world in progress but not sure since I'm new to this stuff.

    This has gotta be the hardest intro to get through, ever. No doubt.
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    If the journey isn't epic the ending certainly won't be either.

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