Took the next step by joining CG, now I'm going to take another on this long road of creating a world. I have gathered all my sketches and started reworking them towards the first continent. The realm of man. It is the first map I have ever made and would like as many comments as possible on what I could do to make it better and more interesting. I will be updating this thread regularly with names of places. Crests for houses, clans and guilds. (Changes will happen, since this thread will be staying up until i am satisfied with the updates of each continent and have finished a world map). Years.

Names of Continents: Rest coming as I finish base lore to them. Possibly many, possibly few.

1.Realm of man, Levia.
What I'm going to include in the maps I'll be working on. Below this(will be updated per continent.)

Names of cities:
Names of forests:
Names of lakes:
Names of rivers:
Names of mountains:
Names of regions:
Names of places(towns, holds etc anything with historical value or interesting geography):

Any tips will be much appreciated. This is material for a book btw.