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Thread: Introduction - new to the community, old to the game

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    Default Introduction - new to the community, old to the game

    Hi there!

    I'm Spiff. I'm 43 from Milan, Italy. I've been playing RPGs since I was fourteen, mainly as a game master. While I'm little bit old now, with a serious job and a family to look after, I still love creating worlds and designing maps in my (very scarce) free time.

    I really love the creations you all post here each day. They have been a great inspiration for a while, and I finally decided to start posting something myself, to give my humble contribution to this great communuty.

    I've a blog where I usually publish most of my creations and mental concoctions on RPGs, storytelling and gaming.
    La Grande Quest

    As the blog is in Italian, which is unfortunately unintellegible for most CG members, maybe I will re-post here some of my stuff (the not-too-much-crappy ones at least), and all the new ones...
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