Hi guys,

I'm just going mad about a tiny but annoying problem with Gimp.

I want to transform a selection to a path (representing the coastline). Therefore I select the layer with the landmasses, let Gimp select all ocean areas (which is transparent area in the landmass-layer) and then invert the selection to get rid of the marching ants which were surrounding the ocean area at the border of the layer. So I gain a nice selection of the coastlines which I turn into a path.

But since the canvas of the image was increased to make room for a borderline for the map, the layer with the landmasses is smaller than the canvas. Since this it seems that inverting the selection doesn't be enough to get rid of the selection line at the outer border of the layer.

Is there a causal connection between the enlargement of the canvas and Gimp being unable to get rid of this outer selection line?

I'm just trying to resize the layer to fit the size of the canvas, but that's just not the way I want it to be.

Thanks for your help!