I'm beginning the latest version of the maps for the Kaidan island archipelago, the setting of Japanese horror for PFRPG. This will be released as part of the GM's Guide to Kaidan, featured in last summer's successful Kickstarter. While the setting and supplements will be published as softcover printed books by Rite Publishing, I am the creator and developer of the setting, as well as shared copyright.

The largest chapter of the GM's Guide will feature the gazetteer portion of the guide, which these maps are designed for.

Below is the southern third of the main island of Anshu, along with Ryuki island and the Nawa Islands. These are volcanic isles very much like Japan. I still have two more maps for two more thirds of the main island. This is hand-drawn at 17" x 38" then scanned and imported to Xara Xtreme Pro 4, my preferred vector application of choice. Beveled mountains, hills, uplands and the coast, as well as the chosen water color palatte was all applied in Xara. Trying to make the careful effort, this is about 2 hours work, including drawing and vector applications. The next part will be the larger and busier part of the map.

Note: this is terrain only so far, I've yet to place forests and labeling.



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