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    Default Finished World Map - Heartkeeper Trilogy

    Hello folks. This is my first post (and my first map), so don't be too hard on me. I'm sure I made some rookie mistakes, but all in all, I'm really quite proud of this map. I started this map with the intention of using it as a working reference as I wrote the sequel to my first novel, but I guess I sort of caught the bug, and wanted to make something pretty (rather than merely serviceable).

    It took me somewhere between 12-16 hours (from sketch to completion), but I'd say at least half of that was trying to figure out what style I wanted to use. I actually had the mountain ranges completely finished in a vastly different style (using icons) before I decided to scrap it and start over. So my next map will probably be completed a lot more quickly.

    I didn't really dress it up or anything. I chose to use a fairly simple compass, and I didn't put a border on it (mostly because I don't think it needed it, but partly because I don't know if I could create one that did it justice). I didn't put names to landmarks, seas, forests, etc. because, with this sort of map, it would clutter it, and take away from the overall effect. Instead, I chose to only label the cities, which suits my purpose perfectly.

    I used Photoshop CS5 (and my trusty tablet) after sketching on paper. Anyway, I think it's decent for being my first map (though I'm far from being a Photoshop novice). However, I'm always open to suggestions that may make my future maps better. I still plan on doing a political map, a few regional maps, and a couple of city maps for this world, so you'll probably be seeing more of my work in the near future.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As an aside, if anyone's interested in more about the world, visit my blog at .
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