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Thread: And from the mists..

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    Default And from the mists..

    Oh, I think I was going somewhere with the title.. but it just kind of... fizzled.

    So, I'm a DM by trade, looking to entice my players with a new world outside of the pre-fabricated/constructed/everyone has played this world. I found this link from Worldbuilding on reddit.. I'm kind of hoping to learn what I need to, in order to construct a rich world for my players. Most likely, I'll be dragging myself through the few tutorials I saw and asking for feedback.

    As for me personally, I am 28, I work as a Developer for a rather large company. Maintaining their servers and developing software/interfaces for their employees to interact with. That takes up most of my time, however.. I play MMO's on weekends and I lead the aforementioned group through various encounters on rotating nights of the week. I look forward to getting to know all of you!


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    Welcome to the Guild. Come sit by the fire it can be quite cold in the mists this time of year.
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    Why thank you, if I wasn't in the midst of the desert, I might agree with you. :p

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