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    Default Map for RPG Pen&Paper setting

    I have been playing a fantasy rpg, pen&paper, for a couple of years now and would like to a nice map created for the setting.
    The Campaign is set on a large island (think England or Japan) and is connected to the mainland by overseas trade routes. The island is colonized by humans for several hundred years, so main roads have been established and key fortified cities are present. A major city is inhabited by 2000-3000 adults. The island has been divided into three kingdoms, leaving elves, orcs and the dwarves to live in pockets of wilderness on the island.
    The campaign is revolves around one kingdom (Berendia) and the internal power struggle amongst the dukes ruling the 7 Duchies of Berendia. So I would like the map to show the three kingdoms and the 7 Duchies (like birthright maps, if anyone is familiar with those), with large wilderness areas present evenly on the map. Trades routes should be shown somehow, and a large island group east of the main island is the only land relative close to the main island.
    Besides the 7 Duchies there is also some citystates in the kingdom, the campaign is centered around one particular citystate (Kandra) and therefore I have few demands to the terrain, that must be incorporated, since they represent key areas in the storyline. A rough map is available.
    A list of names will be provided.
    A “traditional” fantasy map, showing the above mentioned features. Emphasis on main roads, larger cities, dominant terrain features (Large forests, Mountain chains, Volcano, Old Ruins) and strategic military installations (Fortresses, fortified Cities, Citadels).
    I would like to be able to print a poster of the main island and A3 version of the Berendian kingdom.
    No special requirements/Deadlines
    100-150 Euros, but everything is negotiated
    Please contact on the following Email:

    thx for taking time to read my request

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    Hi, I'm e-mailing you about this as well, but I was wondering if you were still looking for someone to work on this map for you. This sounds like a fascinating project, and well-developed; I'd be interested in working on this with you.

    - kes
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    sorry for not answering sooner. The request is closed and I am the happy owner of a beutiful map, thank you all for the responds

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