so I've been struggling with the Eriond tutorial (mostly with the Wilbur part of it and converting the instructions to PS). Wilbur is a fascinating programme that will need a lot more practice on my part to get much usefulness out of, though I've been trying my best to come up with new ways of using it.

i generated a height map and created some rivers in Wilbur and exported the map back into PS and created a channel from it and applied it to a mask on a blank white later, using bevel/emboss, to see what i could come up with. after a bit of messing about i came up with this, which i think looks very promising:

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I'm experimenting a bit more, but think we might be able to get something usable out of it, with some good gradient layers on top and/or textures layered above it. I'm not sure anyone has tried bevel/emboss with a wilbur map before (and if so, please let me know so i can give credit...)

please give me your input on this as i think i could make something out of it...