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Thread: Campaign World Sketch (To be built on later)

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    Default Campaign World Sketch (To be built on later)

    Paid? To start with, I'm really looking for a large map that's more of a sketch. I want to be able to mark sites and cities on it and add to it so that in the future, I can have something more grand drawn up. The sketch would be worth a small amount to me (like $25). The final project would be worth more. If I push on and publish the final project, it would pay the cartographer a bonus. This is not likely to happen, but isn't out of the question.

    I have a file that I've been using as a basis. It was created with Paint.NET. That's my personal program of choice. I don't own a copy of Photoshop, it's just too expensive. Part of what I'm looking for is for the cartographer to read notes and check out what I have, and make sure that things make sense enough (keeping in mind that it's a fantasy world).
    As noted in the title, this is a world map. There's only one continent to deal with (with some outlying islands). Area covered is approximately 4000 miles east to west, by 5000 miles north to south. I can send a copy of my sketch, once we've reached an agreement. Again, my sketch is only a starting point. I'll be adding a lot to it over time. I'm also happy to have the cartographer offer ideas or advice. That's more what I expect to be paying for at this stage.

    Finished style would be similar to:
    with some room for artistic freedom. Right now, I'm really just looking for something a little better than what I have.

    Quality & Size
    At this point, quality isn't critical, however I'm guessing it would be easier to have someone I can go back to for later iterations as this gets more detailed and grows into something bigger and better. This might be a chance for a semi-pro to develop their skills into something more. I'm pretty sure that at this point I can't afford a pro, but I certainly wouldn't turn one away.
    This will be available from my website.
    My current sketch is 680 x 800 pixels. I need this to be at least twice that size, but it doesn't need to be huge at this point.
    I know nothing about vector images, so I'd prefer vector for my own sanity.

    Time Constraints
    I'd like to get the sketch within a month, once we start discussing ideas. That's not in stone. The final project probably won't happen for a year or so. I've still got LOTS of writing to do and it's just a hobby for me (right now).

    I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes (if it goes that far), the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio. At this step, I don't really care about copyrights. It's the final project that I'll be more concerned about. I'll also have a better idea where things are going by then. Who "officially" has the copyright is completely negotiable.

    Contact Details
    contact me at gudfear at gmail dot com.

    I'm subscribed here, so I should see any requests for further info or other posts to this thread. I'm tech savvy, so chances are I can respond relatively quickly.

    Thanks! You're helping a dream become reality.
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