I want to introduce my latest project in my Gunoshiva series. I said I was going to make maps of all 28 towns. I think I am wasting my time, when I should be producing maps of the major cities that appear in my book "The Janu Grimoires". The book is over 1,100 pages of material, so I think I should flesh out the world it is set in. The book centers around the Rokat who live on a planet called Kidasuna. I have mixed feelings about the book whether I should sell it as fiction, despite my having channelled beings claiming to be from said planet. The maps I have been working on thus far are of a couple of local communities where my sources claim to live. The book is a series of religions taken from Kidasuna.

Shikodu is the largest city I plan to map fully. The maps will be presented on here at some point. The full map is 21 pages. I've calculated the full size as 6 to 8 feet by 3 feet. The map will be large. I'm planning to produce a book with the history of Shikodu that others can turn into a game. The longer I work on The Janu Grimoires, the more I think the story is best told in an RPG format. The book contains working rituals that are just like the material used in RPGs. Along side my MUFON credibility, I'm also looking to find ways to tell the stories described in my book. There is nothing more interactive than an RPG board game.

I'm currently working on the map of Shikodu and after that I will be turning my projects to other major cities and territories that are talked about. Once I'm able to update my album the maps will be up. I'm sure this map will be really out of this world when it gets finished.

Even if nobody believes what I'm claiming, the map is of a college or university town. The fact is this map will come with floor plans to each building on the map, which makes it veryuseful to anyone wanting to use it. I am not sure where I will be able to post the 200+ building floor plans that will accompany this map. The map will be on here of course. I am thinking of making a PDF of the eventual book when I get done with this project. I am hoping to finish it by the end of this year.