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Thread: Please help

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    Post Please help

    I have asked in various places, and for over 6 months have gotten no where. If it is not too much trouble, could someone produce a global map for me. High res if possible, but I only have 2gb of ram, so not too resource intensive.
    I have no specific requirements, but I prefer scientific over artistic.

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    Are you asking for the same project that PrismShard was working on? He (she?) hasn't posted since March, but if the email address is valid, you could possibly ask for an update that way. Here's a quick link to the profile:

    You can send an email from the "Contact Info" tab.

    If you're asking for a new project, at least a little bit of guidance would be nice. I'm sure someone could just whip up a random Fractal Terrains world and output a high res image if that's all you need. Labels and icons would obviously take a bit more time and probably more input from you.

    I'm not volunteering to take this on at this time--I just don't have the resources to get it done at the moment, unless you only need something random and rudimentary.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    If your not particular about the exact shape then why not use our cooperative world which we are all adding to. You get high res mapped areas and some towns going in now. Why not just join in, take the map and maybe add a little to it while your at it.

    Start here but there is a whole section devoted to it.

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    Hey Baelzemon,

    Do you need to work with it as a Globe? As a region? A country? Set of cities?

    There are a number of beautiful maps floating around the site. If you don't need custom details you have your pick!


    Do you need publishing rights? Or particular details?

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    I would say head over to ProFantasy and download the demo version of Fractal Terrains. The demo doesn't export to high resolution directly, but hitting the PrintScreen key will capture whatever is on the screen and you can paste it into something like GIMP or Paint.NET or whatever you have at hand for trimming and additional work.

    I would recommend purchasing the full version of FT if you have a bit of extra disposable income kicking around, but that's self-serving because I get royalties on each one sold and I appreciate your business.

    And you can get results as shown below, of course. Took me 15 minutes of fiddling. Feel free to use this image for any purpose whatsoever.
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    If you want a million worlds at the click of a mouse, Fractal Terrains is the way to go. Then you can choose a world all your own.

    I promise you that it provides very usable results with no artistic brilliance required. Try the demo, its addictive.

    - Sigud

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    Thankyou everyone. All I am after was the blank world map, just having mountains, deserts, snow, ice, rivers, ect. I dont need labels or icons.
    I have tried fractal terrain 2, and have the older version. The problem is that I never get anything that looks quiet right, and while I have tried making a map from tiles, but have had 0 luck.
    If someone here is interested in just making a map for me, then that would be great. I dont need anything specific, just something relatively high quality for easy working.
    And thankyou to everyone who has replied. I appreciate it greatly.
    As a side note: As far as map projections go, the best to use would be the equirectangular (err... w=2h) and globe projections.

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    I used to feel the same way about FT...I never got any really useable results...and I posted a thread about it here, and waldronate answered the call with this tutorial:

    It changed my life *sniffle* and now I've made this:

    Also...if you decide to buy something from profantasy, use my affiliate link on the homepage near the bottom.
    All Hail FlappyMap! Long Live MapFeed!

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    Alas, while I have seen the tutorial before, it is useless to me. I have FT 1.5

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    In your shoes Baelzemon, I'd lurk and watch the maps till you find one you like.

    Arcana's map, Arsala is pretty sweet.

    Check out the posts by a gentleman here called 'HandsomeRob'. He's producing an atlas of a fantasy world and its really slick. Check his postings for maps if you want a big scale great map.

    If you want more wilderness and fewer cities etc... I think Goodman Games has a very big map in their 'World of Aereth". Its a commercial product but it might also do the trick.

    Otherwise, look at the world building project. Writing\contribution to that would be appreciated by a number of folks. If you have any questions about that or a reason why its not suitable, perhaps we can help here.

    Seriously, this place sees a lot of new maps. There must be something you'll like. If you're particular enough to want the map tweaked a particular way, you'll be better off rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself .

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