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Thread: Selvarin - Fantasy map

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    Map Selvarin - Fantasy map

    Hey all,

    This is my last map, fantasy continent of Selvarin. It's done in Photoshop, with a mix of hand-drawn elements and digital work. The original size is 7795x10866 px (66x92cm) and actual uploaded size is a bit less than 50% with lower resolotion. For those who want to check the details I also split the map in four parts (100% size and lower resolution). The map also contains some special features : I wanted to make some humble tribute to a few Guild's cartographers of whom I like the works. Ten or so labels are therefore inspired by some CG's maps I like, slightly modified, more or less easy to spot. I probably forgot some of great cartographers here though, apologizes about it
    I wanted to thank those who follow the work progress in the WIP thread, especially Vorropohaiah, Eilathen and Arsheesh for their support. thanks again

    I hope you like it, comments are welcome!

    Feel free to rate, rep or run away

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selvarin finalsmall.jpg 
Views:	4005 
Size:	4.20 MB 
ID:	52987

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selvarin topleft.jpg 
Views:	1843 
Size:	4.41 MB 
ID:	52988 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selvarin topright.jpg 
Views:	1883 
Size:	4.05 MB 
ID:	52989
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selvarin bottomleft.jpg 
Views:	1209 
Size:	3.76 MB 
ID:	52990 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Selvarin bottomright.jpg 
Views:	1337 
Size:	3.55 MB 
ID:	52991
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    very nice map. love the work on the labels and key and the colours.
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    Wow! I have to say that those shields really are impressive. Did you make them?

    I like the mountains and forest, specially the mountains, but I have to say that the cliffs look a little weird, not ugly, just a bit different from the rest of the map. At all is still a great map, the colours are also very well used. Have some rep

    Edit: nevermind at the shield question, just read the WIP thread
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    This map is fantastic! I love the great amount on details on it! The heraldic, icons, labels and use of colours are just awesome. The assets for those points of interest is just a great idea and really fit in the map. I don't have enough posts to rep you but this map is 5 stars-worthy

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    Wow Max, this is grand. I really love the little details with the symbols along the map borders that make it clear who's land is where. I may have to use that idea myself one day. There is a lot to enjoy about this but I had to come say so before I dove back in.
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    Ok Max this is pretty awesome, very good job!!

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    What a beautiful map! I love the colours, symbols, as well as the use of heraldry in place of country names. Really awesome!

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    Inspiring and amazing. Congrats for the nice work.

    Guys, don't forget to check the Muraile de Fer

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    This is absolutely fantastic Max! I too really love the work you've done on the shields. This is going into my inspiration folder.


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    Stunning! Repped and rated.

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