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Thread: Limpet City - Steammancer's Folly Part One

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    Default Limpet City - Steammancer's Folly Part One

    Ok, I was hoping to have this finished hours ago but I was kept away from the computer and so now I find myself having rushed to get this out so I am finally able to move on. So I will probably notice lots of little things I had earmarked to correct/change but as time has now run out then here it is.

    I give you the Steammancer's Folly part one - Limpet City...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This image is at 50% and slightly compressed to keep filesize down. A fullsize version is available on my DA page at:

    A little backstory -

    The City of Limpet is situated where it is for two main reasons - firstly, the engines of the steammancer university provide a source of electricity for the city and secondly, the cliffs to which many of the workers houses cling are home to the best gem mines on the continent. Some of the workers are employed to work in large organized mines together and some have erected their small homes wherever they can find the space and have proceeded to carve their own mine into the cliff behind in the hopes of striking it rich alone.
    Presiding over all this is the self-styled Lord Sebastian Farquhar - the original discoverer and owner of the gem-rich cliffs. He rents out the land to the hopeful miners and takes a cut of all gems discovered. This has made him a very rich man and one of the ways in which he uses his wealth is to fund the steammancer university and put pressure on where their research is headed in order to best serve his own needs...

    This was the map I started for the February challenge and ran out of time long before I got anywhere near the finish... and I'm still only half done. When I have had a break from city maps (man, I hate 'em) then I will make a second map that shows the results of the steammancer's messing with the elements and the effects it had on the city.
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