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My name's Jessica Holland and I work for a video production company called FLETCHERWILSON. We're currently in the process of making an independent documentary movie called Driven. It's a rather special love story told through two road trips that happen 50 years apart in the same 1930's London taxi cab. If you have the time there's a website here with more info:


Onto my actual question! - My query is into an old map we've acquired that we'd like to use in the movie. We're aware that Weber Costello Publishers are no longer in business but we'd still very much like to get permission somehow to use the map in our film. So essentially i'm posting here to see if anyone could offer some insight into how we'd go about finding who has the rights to this map, if anyone, and then getting permission to use it in our film. I've attached a picture of the map showing its publishing details. I'm not even sure if this is an appropriate place to post but any help you'd be able to give me would be great as I've really got no clue where to start!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some insight!
Jessica Holland

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