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Thread: Dungeon Hatch Pattern (Premium Fee)

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    Default Dungeon Hatch Pattern (Premium Fee)

    I am willing to pay a premium fee for a custom made 'dungeon hatch' pattern that has a hand-drawn look to it.

    Essentially it is the pattern here:

    My end goal is to be able to create 8.5x11" dungeon maps that look like the above link. I want to be able to draw the dungeon outline and use Gimp or Photoshop to layer a pre-made background hatch pattern behind it.

    Email me at if you're interested.

    - Either an 8.5x11" size (portrait orientation) image with this pattern or a seemless pattern which can let me create an 8.5x11" edge-to-edge page with this pattern
    - 600 dpi or better
    - .PNG file format
    - Hatch size and style should be like in the above image (if you had filled in the hatch in the sample image for the entire page, that's what I'm looking for.
    - No rocks, just hatch marks.
    - Should be pure black and white with no gray scale
    - Background should be transparent, not white (this is because I may put the dungeon image on parchment, like this file:
    - I retain all rights to the pattern you create

    - I need this file by March 31, though earlier is better.

    - I will pay you by Paypal (paypal may take a few cents out for the transaction fee). I'll pay with 48 hours of receiving final file. I can pay 50% up front if you want.

    Tip: If you are hand drawing it, scan it at 1200 DPI or something large, convert it to pure Black and White (2 color RPG), then convert it back to full color RPG with a transparent background.

    (I am familiar with this pattern -- Hatching -- but it looks too computer-drawn for my tastes. I need the pattern to be devoid of any uneven cut-and-paste looking lines.)

    -- Stan Shinn
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    This is now taken. Thanks!

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