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    Question Scale

    Scale is a map element, right? If this is the wrong section for this question I apologize but it was the best fit I could find.
    I'm having a bit of trouble comprehending scale. I've drawn a continent, of which I have a general idea of the size and location. But my issue is, how big is the average city on a continent of this size? If you need me to scan the rough draft so you can average it, I can do that. But, perhaps there's some info I missed in the tuts about the proportional size of a city-to-continent? I know it depends on many factors, like who's territory and what the land has experienced, resources in the area, and what-not. But just the general size. I'm trying to be clear in my question here, so imagine I want to take a small area of a territory on this continent and make it into a city, how far would I zoom? Argh, I don't think I'm quite getting it off my mind, but I think this might give a rough outline of my question. Any help? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, New York is the largest city in the world by area, and it covers about 0.00035 of North America's surface.

    Take the reciprocal of the square root and that's a linear scale factor of 14 to make New York (that's the entire modern New York metropolitan area, not just the "City of New York") cover the same area as all of North America.

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