Scale is a map element, right? If this is the wrong section for this question I apologize but it was the best fit I could find.
I'm having a bit of trouble comprehending scale. I've drawn a continent, of which I have a general idea of the size and location. But my issue is, how big is the average city on a continent of this size? If you need me to scan the rough draft so you can average it, I can do that. But, perhaps there's some info I missed in the tuts about the proportional size of a city-to-continent? I know it depends on many factors, like who's territory and what the land has experienced, resources in the area, and what-not. But just the general size. I'm trying to be clear in my question here, so imagine I want to take a small area of a territory on this continent and make it into a city, how far would I zoom? Argh, I don't think I'm quite getting it off my mind, but I think this might give a rough outline of my question. Any help? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.