Hi everyone,

I posted this yesterday, but we had the server crash so I think the post was eaten by the digital abyss.

Anyway, this is my first post here. I've been lurking a while and am really impressed with all the great work people are doing. This map is a WIP for a pencil and paper roleplaying game (that is also a WIP). The working title for the world is Elder-Earth, though that may change.

I used the mapping tutorial that pasis posted here a while back. The map is stil under construction and this segment is just a small piece of the total. It wanders off into other continents, jungles, seas and islands. I'm slowly stitching it all together.

It has a couple problems I'm already aware of. The patterns I'm using for the pattern stamp are too small, so lines are appearing in places. Also, the rivers are a bit rubbish and need work. Obviously, also, large areas still need to have woodland, roads, rivers and towns added.

Anyway, that said, here's the map so far. I've inserted a small image and added a link to a full size image hosted off-site. Any and all comments welcome, though mostly I just wanted to share this as it ticks along. I'm afraid I won't be able to post to this thread very frequently, just because of being very busy and not having enough time to work on the map regularly, but I will keep it ticking along as I add material.

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