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(Formally the Temple of Saint Patrick of Swayze )

Spent a good 30hours on this map I reckon over the last month, from concept to layout to inking, colouring and labeling. The biggest time leech was the one step forward and two steps back, as I was working to the months deadline I wanted to make sure I had SOMETHING finished, so I'd start building with parts of the adventure map unfinished then think of an idea, or change an idea, or decide the players would have to go to another area first... and so on. The result was constantly changing room around and resizing them and giving them new purposes, however ultimately I am extremely happy with the final outcome.

This is a GM map so it lacks the detail I'd put on a player map (also hadn't noticed until a lot of linework later I'd designed it at 72dpi (dammit!) so this is as big as it goes, though my computer was pretty much on its arse as the layers built up So great for screen, printable at a decent quality and probably even usable for VTT. Given the amount of time I've put on this map I'm going to work on a full .pdf and make it as my first publishable/to buy adventure map with full details of the rooms, etc.

Very much inspired by the classic D&D TSR dungeons and the works of Mike Schley, a style that over the last year I have simply fallen in love with. The extensive write up of the various puzzles can be found in the original thread (link in siggy). Hope you enjoy checking it out (and maybe even playing on it one day) as much as I enjoyed making it.