we are currently focused on the middle ages fantasy, much like the classic D&D or AD&D 2nd Ed. grew up with D&D / AD&D and Harnmaster. the pubs we want to get out will be detail and art heavy, to provide extra resources and material to make and campaign 3D and not the 2d Standard that has become the norm.

we are also trying to get away from the big company mentality of money, money, money.... it often seems that they come out with a new version or edition just to make players buy new books. we have selected a format of printing that allows the players and GM to organizes the resources and for quick reference, something like TSR tried with the monster compendium but failed at. this is why we need art and maps. they give extra resources but also fill the ugly blank page.

our current projects are

Herbalist hand book vol 1 and 2 --- a field guide to the plants and the parts used, what effects they have on a human / humanoid, and possible plant uses for the alchemist

herbalist hand book vol3 --- same as vol 1 and vol 2 but for the underdark setting.

alchemist hand book vol 1 --- covers building the lab and the equipment and stock supplies, will also have some recipes for the beginner alchemist.

Anjora Kingdom --- the first of the kingdoms being written in our world. covers the royal lineage, kingdom history, the land and people, who's who for political intrigue games, guilds and cults.

maps of underdark ---- we plan to build underdark to the same detail as our surface world with all the maps of passages and cities, strongholds and keeps.

if this interest you and you want to be part of it let us know, more that help more that can be available for players.

compensation for contributing is royalty bases as follows:

20% profit to artist
20% profit to writers
10% profit to map makers
20% profit to editors
10% profit support of local cons and marketing
10% profit physical assets, data storage, scanners and computers, web site fee's, etc
10% profit to founding members

profit is considered sales less print cost, marking sale fee's [e-book seller fee] and other distribution cost.

royalties are paid 3 months of sales at a time on the 20th to 25th of the month following. example pub is released in January.... January, February and March royalties would be sent out 20th to 25th of April.

royalties are reduced each year after the pub date..... if 20% for an artist would be 20% for the first full year, then 10% for the following year then finally 5% for the 3rd year.

if the art, article, map is used in another pub it is track alone. if we do a pub that is focused such as a art book or package of only maps it get 2x the normal royalty.

if you are a major contributor to any pub you will get a free issue of the pub in the marketed format. if we release it in a e- book first and then 4 months latter in print they will be tracked independently.

feel free to contact me at rhos2821@gmail.com if you have any questions

thx rhos