I'm considering starting a new game over at EN World to use 4e rules. There is a high demand and few DM's, so I thought I'd step up over there.

The gist of the "adventure" will be a seemingly random series of encounters, one mostly unrelated to the other. Basically, you finish one encounter and walk through the door to the next one. A la Sliders, you never know what you're getting into until you get there.

The idea is not so much to maintain a consistent story, but to provide a medium for folks to work out the new rules, both as players and DMs.

I've got a series of 8 (soon to be 10) 1st level encounters ready to string together, and I was curious if anyone would be interested in creating a few maps for me.

There won't be as many maps as there are encounters, as some encounters will use the same maps as others. I also don't want anything terribly fancy and time consuming, because I know everyone here (usually) has better things to do than make free maps. But something with a bit of artistic merit to it would be nice.

I'd like to take each encounter, along with the maps, and put them together in an official-looking pdf for free distribution (from here, hopefully).

If any of you are interested let me know. I'll post the basic details of each map so that you'll know what must be included for the encounter--the rest will be up to you.

Thanks in advance.