Hey there. So, I'm about to start writing up the first draft of a fantasy novel which, to my dismay and my excitement, is almost entirely unplanned. I'm winging most of everything, but the story takes place in a nation divided by war. So, I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to request a map from one of the many fine mapmakers around here for inspiration to the novel itself and for reference throughout the drafting process.

The glory of an unplanned novel is that I only need a few little things in specific from a map. And therefore I'd say this especially could be a great practice map for new styles or things untried. Almost complete artistic freedom for locations, shapes, styles, etc.

What I would like: It's an island about the size of Brazil. In the center of it is a group of mountains that surround 'Lichfall Valley' and that (I'm not sure if you'll need this, but in case it helps) is covered in an eternal fog. There's also a division of territory. There used to be about 12 (generalized number) total territories, and now about half of those are under the empire's flag. The eastern half of the map, basically (and they're at war for the rest).

Don't worry about rushing, just whenever it gets done, I'll be happy whenever. Thank you much to whoever takes this, and I hope this is a good experience to whoever makes it.