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Thread: Good-bye, Tomorrow is Yesterday

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    Default Good-bye, Tomorrow is Yesterday

    When I moved to Illinois in 1991, the first thing I did was locate the nearby hobby/rpg shops. Tomorrow is Yesterday was the best of the bunch, in Rockford, Il. For years, I drove up there and (like all of us) spent a ton on RPG materials -- because they had them. Miniatures, paints, books, used books, and some gaming tables -- plus comics and so forth. It had atmosphere, it felt personal.
    Because of health reasons, I hadn't gotten a chance to get up there in 3 or 4 years. I just discovered that, a little while ago, they've shut down and converted into a straight-up comics shop under a new name.
    Like others who have posted, I lament the passing of a brilliant, personal, welcome-home RPG shop.

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    Default Good-bye, Tomorrow is Yesterday

    Unfortunately that is the way that the world goes. In Copenhagen we have the world oldest (active) comic shop. They still sport RPGs, board games and lots of great literature - however I don't live nearby anymore and it's a lot cheaper and easier to shop online - so it's been a long time since I visited. If their prices were better and the web shop more informative I might by there again.
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    There's a comic shop that I've been going to for about 7 years; even though it's now pretty inconvenient to get to I still try to get over there once or twice a month, operating under the superstition that if I don't continue to do so, they'll go under.

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