I am web developer for a emu community called SWGCanon. I have started a project to rebuild Star Wars Galaxies planetary maps with new textures in a modern "satelitte view". I am a experienced guy with photoshop, but i have never done any map work before. I spent roughly 2 hours in photoshop this weekend having a go at it. What i come up with is a good start and something to build upon.

torstan @ deviantart.com recomended me to set up a request here.

I am looking for one or a few people to help me out retexturing the 10 original maps from Star Wars Galaxies. This is going to be buildt as a mod for SWGEmu. If you are intrested you can reply here or send me a email to svein.skolt@gmail.com

Here is a preview i posted on modthegalaxy: Planetary Maps

Want to check out SWGCanon?: Star Wars Galaxy Canon