So, I've been trying to make a world map for my headworld Majy'sa, but everytime I try to make a map, either I'm not happy with the landmasses, nor am I happy with the style that the map's in, the projection's off/wrong or there's always something else wrong with the map I've made. I've tried doing Israh's style of map, Saderan's map style, and a hand drawn map style. But no matter what, I'm not happy with it. I've been wanting to do it from the tectonic plates up but have never been happy with the landshapes that way nor have I been able to get the projection right, or by generating shapes in Fractal Terrains (Been using 2.3 but I might have to buck up and buy FTP 3).

I'm just wondering, has anyone else had this problem as well? I don't know what to do about it.