I've been lurking for a long, long time...finally joined up and registered. I am in awe of the level of draughtsmanship that comes out of this site. Most of it is, simply, beautiful work.

I am starting my own project based on the Peutinger Map (aka, Peutinger Table; Tabula Peutingeriana; etc.). The best digital copy of the map I've found is located in Princeton's library (tinyurl.com/peutinger), but it can't be downloaded, only viewed in their viewer. Wikipedia has a good version, but not nearly as high a resolution or as nice in detail and quality as the Princeton version. Yale has a good version as well, but like Princeton, it is only able to be viewed not downloaded.

So, I'm asking if anyone knows of a hi-res version of this map, especially one that is simialr to that located in the Princeton archives. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.