Hey guys,

Here's my last map, the Sultanate of Sharessan, a personnal project done with Photoshop. My main goal was to create a fantasy map in an arabic/middle east ambience.
I also wanted to experiment some new kind of work and used some shaded relief art made by the CIA between 60's and 90's (then donated to the Library of Congress) for the mountains. I mixed some of them a bit, playing with several layers and different blending modes and with color/saturation/vibrance adjustments on each of the layers on my background to obtain the kind of color/feeling I wanted to get.
I've made the nomadic tribes shields in PS, being inspired by the Tuareg/Niger crosses that I like much.

WIP thread is here. Thanks to all of those who supported and gave handy advices during the process. (Unfortunately, first WIP thread was made during the server issues so the first steps are missing due to the rollback).

Original map is 7931x5551 px, uploaded one is 50% size (hence rivers labels aren't very legible)

Comments are welcome, I hope you'll like it!

Feel free to rate, rep or run away

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