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Thread: Moving Selections in Fractal Terrains

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    I have a map in which I've selected a portion of a continent that I want to move to another location to simulate continental drift. After making the selection, I lowered the the elevation of all selected land in the area to well below sea level using the remap altitudes function (gave the best results). Now, what I want to do is retain the selection, which is complex), and move it to another location to raise the land there above sea level and begin sculpting it. How do I do this?

    Edit: Nevermind I found a way. In Fractal Terrains, Select ---> Save Selection. It'll save the selection as a black and white mask which you can then open with gimp or photoshop and move or otherwise edit the selection to your heart's content, save it, and open the modified selection in fractal terrains. The process of going back and forth between FT and PS is actually quick so its not much of a bother.
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