Hello all,

I am Dornier Spy (Not mentioning my real name) and I am a major fan of the steampunk genre. I don't really understand how to explain it, it started sometime when I was young and I watched that series Thomas the Train or whatever it's turned into. As I grew older, I studied steam locomotion and more into how steam and steam-powered vehicles operated. It was kind of a strange hobby, luckily, I had a few librarians who understood me well enough to assist me.

Nowadays, I am working on a series called "The Loyalist Chronicles" taking place in the Land of Smoking Iron, a.k.a. Thesa. I will more than likely be posting the countries and hopefully world maps soon to show you the extent of the world I am working with. Though, I am willing to admit, due to my time of steam-search, I neglected to actually studying cartography. I hoped to join here with the small chance of assistance with this problem I have. As I said before, Hello all. I hope to have a great time here and hope you enjoy the Thesa and the world of Ethos.

-Dornier Spy
"Alexander Dornier - Office of Amesyus Military Covenant"