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Thread: Adapting an 1848 pictorial map of Europe

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    Help Opinions wanted for adapting an historic map

    I am producing a map for a novel and need some opinions and advice. My novel is alternate history so I am taking an out of copyright 19th Century map and adapting it.
    Original here: http://bardoftweedale.files.wordpres...3/original.png
    And after alteration and stripping out the text (which is in German): http://bardoftweedale.files.wordpres...stripped-3.png
    My problem is the existing text is in a variety of block letters and hand-writing, neither of which I have the skills to reproduce by hand. So, I’m planning to do it in inkscape but am uncertain whether to follow the looseness of the original and use a variety of typefaces to mimic the existing text in style and alignment or to apply something more formal and ‘map-like’.

    It’s a question of aesthetics and (or versus!) legibility and I'd like to sound out opinion.


    PS: and if there's anything else you think I could improve, please say so. I'm so green at this I've got mildew.
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