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So I've never had to do a town map before so this is my first attempt, lots of inspirational stuff here so I don't feel like I'm entirely in the blind, plus I'm working it relatively closely to Torstan's guide.

I would however appreciate any constructive criticism, especially at this stage, so that my layout is appropriate for the area, size and setting.


The town was settled a few hundred years ago (how long it would take this town to be settled and built up would help) by a rich lord who basically founded the town and named himself the Baron of the area (though this is little more than a fancy title) and built himself a keep at the heart of the town. The town is around 30 miles from the nearest large town (a mining town named Glister), nestled in the hills and stretching the banks of a river that runs all the way to the south tow the nearest city (about 80 miles by river), so is relatively secluded with a smaller town both to the east and the south (a mountain range is to the north).

The Baron's heirs over the years have spent less time in the town, instead being drawn to the lights of the cities to the south, and so the town is usually ran by a town council in the current Baron's absence.

The population stands at roughly 800 - 1000 citizens.


The city is divided by the river that runs through it. Though there is no trade that comes from the north the town exports ore and timber to the south and returns with food and more luxurious imports for the wealthy folk that live here. Whilst there are a few farms dotted around the limited arable land surrounding the area, it is not enough to fully sustain the population, fishing and hunting the forests to the east also contributes to the peoples food.

The road from the western gate is the most actively used, leading out onto the main trade rode linking the town to Glister and to the north west of the town most of the shops and industry (smiths, craftsmen, tinkers) can be found.

From the eastern road there is little trade with the much smaller towns along the road, but their nearest trade to the east can be accessed also by river.

The more wealthy citizens live in the south west of the town in larger townhouses whilst more of the common folk are gathered on the eastern bank in smaller abodes.

Building Key

1. The Baron's Keep
2. Town Barracks/Jail
3. Town Council Hall
4. Major Temple
5. Industrial Area
6. Poorer Residential Area
7. Traders Market (Tents/Stalls)
8. Docks
9. Minor Temple
10. Eastern Road (Heads into deep forest)
11. Watchtower

So there you go. If there's anything that screams "This wouldn't be <here>" then please let me know. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether to flip the map, I'm wondering if the western road is the most used then maybe the town houses and the like wouldn't be situated there but maybe by the quieter eastern road (or would they not want to travel too far across the town when traders/guests arrive?)