So I wanted to mess around with a few world map things that I liked from Fractal Terrains, and I guess at this point I want to just flesh them out into full maps to see what kind of style I like the most that I can come up with I guess. This one is an entirely possible choice for my headworld, but it's still just in the early stages of development. I was super inspired by the amount of work that went into the World of Gotha maps, and all the different types of maps they had for just that one world. That's the kind of project I want to have with my headworld, though I'm not entirely sure if it's feasible by myself, but what the heck.

Anyways, these are the shapes that I have going for my world map, along with vague mountain placements and by no means a finalization or anything similar close to style that I'm going with. There are a few notes on the map as to explain the large gaping sea that I have and sort of indicators as to show where the tropic and equator lines are.

I've been wanting to change the projection with G.Projector, but it doesn't like to show my map if I change projections and always freezes when I try to save the current projection. Not really sure what to do about that.

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