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    Default New Planet Unnamed - Realistic Sci Fi Universe

    Greetings fellow Guild Peoples

    I have been a long time artistic cartographer, from a very early age. I have built several worlds and used some of the techniques listed by other members. (will post pictures later)

    I am currently trying to create a realistic planet to go with a story line ive had for years, as many of us have. I however keep having a problem, I cant quite get the right continent I want for my main story setting. Have any of you had similar difficulties?

    Basically I am trying to make an Austrialian sized continent with weather/terrain like New Zeland. I am having difficulties because of placement on the map and placing mountains, while keeping the entire continent with decent rainfall (I reeely want this to be as realistic as possible)

    The setting is this
    Earth type planet with lower than average tectonic/volcanic activity, high mineral surface content, (possibly with rings) and visible craters.
    85% water, mountains relativly eroded with some exceptions
    very small continents nothing bigger than australia, only 2 are the size of australia, the rest are smaller islands - size of new zeland and england are common

    Click image for larger version. 

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