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Thread: NEED a cartographers help

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    Help NEED a cartographers help

    I need help from someone who can make me a cool map for a video game project i am working on. I have the worlds continents made but unfortunately i lack the skills to make a computer-made map. I wish to make this map imgur: the simple image sharer into a world map to be in my rpg. The artist may have free reign (within reason).
    blue: ocean,
    green: forest/jungle,
    yellow: desert,
    purple: arctic,
    brown: important mountain ranges
    white: plains/savannah,
    red: special cases:
    red1: Plateau,
    red2: swamp,
    red3: valley,
    red4: rediculously hilly
    Help will be appreciated and anyone who contributes will be credited.

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    I moved this to a more appropriate forum. You should get a better response here.
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    Hi maxster66!

    If you want any answer to your request, maybe you should read and try to answer this post first:

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