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I wanted to do a pirate bar at some point (yes, still on a pirate ship kick), but I really didn't want it to be yet another fantasy bar. So this idea is for a bar built on the wrecks of two ships. The backstory is roughly that one ship rammed the other, they got entangled and couldn't extricate themselves, and ran aground on some rocks. The hulks survived and a local entrepreneur braced the wrecks and turned them into a bar. Now there's a dock for the brave and foolhardy to berth their boats to come aboard and sample the finest rum in the land.

This sketch has some of my working process - it was originally going to be a ship that had run aground into a bar - but then I was struggling to make that work. Then two ships side by side, and finally the two locked together like this.

I want this to have all the terrain needed for swashbuckling bar fights. So far I'm thinking:
• a plank (or two) that can be walked.
• cannons or ballistae on the prows for 'crowd control'
• Rigging for swinging
• Lots of multiple levels for jumping and tumbling
• Below decks strong rooms for pirate/mafia boss/illegal bootleg rum - and a cell for keeping rowdy guests who've got too rowdy
• platform for performances.

What other things should a pirate bar on a pair of wrecked ships contain?